Jessica Mason

Jessica Mason: Case Study

The Learning Futures Partnership is a teaching alliance working within the North West. We recruit professionals seeking a career in teaching, offering support as they undertake their Initial Teacher Training with one of our placement providers. From the moment you apply right up until you qualify, you will be provided with advice and support as you progress. But don’t just take our word for it – we spoke to one of our trainee’s Jess, who is happy to share her experience so far:

When I was looking for careers, I realised I wanted to be a teacher. However, after spending four years at university ritualistically, I realised I didn’t want to do another year totally at uni. I was researching different organisations, and someone mentioned to me that schools direct was a good option. After a bit of research, I found Learning Futures Partnership and it sounded perfect for me; more time in classrooms learning hands on from experienced teachers, regular sessions to develop my teaching skills and only twelve days at university per month. I reached out to the organisation, and everything steamrolled from there.

A typical week is pretty much the same structure just different things – at the minute I’m on placement Monday to Thursday and on Friday I am either at a session where we focus on the themes of teaching, or at university which helps to develop my skills as a History teacher. Mondays tend to be meeting’s – I will meet with my subject mentor in the morning and my professional mentor to work out my targets for the week in both the classroom and in relation to the themes of teaching. On Tuesdays and Wednesday’s, I have one lesson as well as observations. This allows me to plan the lesson that I am taking as well as learn from watching other teachers which I have found is one of the best ways to learn. Thursdays are my busiest day! I have two lessons, both different topics, as well as enrichment at lunchtime which allows me to develop my professional behaviour whilst getting involved with my department. Throughout the week I will also have observations and PPA at designated times where I can take time to plan lessons, self-reflect or do any marking that I need to do. The week is busy, but you are learning so much that you don’t even realise!

The experience has been tough! Teaching is not easy, and I have a whole new respect for my former teachers. That said, it is really rewarding and incredibly enjoyable. Every day I am learning something new and being pushed passed my comfort zone but have felt supported in that as well. There must be a level of independence when taking on anything new but knowing there are people there to support and encouraging me makes the whole process worthwhile. Overall, my experience so far has been amazing, tough, but amazing. I feel useful and have really developed as a teacher and I can’t wait to see how far I can go!

If somebody was asking about routes into teaching, I would definitely recommend Learning Futures Partnership. I would say that time in the classroom time is its biggest advantage as from day one you are involved in the faculty you’re working with and feel like you are part of the team. Furthermore, you are supported by your mentors really well – to the point where any concerns can be shared with them (which is a godsend for an over thinker like me!). You are learning at a balanced pace- yes, the school placement is fast and constantly changing and no two days are the same, but the time at university and on placement is spaced out so that you can focus on your practice without distractions.

If I could offer one piece of advice it would be to try and not get to overwhelmed in the first few weeks. It will most likely be a brand-new environment and something you have never done before, and that’s okay. Don’t panic, stay calm and have confidence in yourself. Once you start the course, you are a teacher and that can be scary but once you get going, everything will fall into place.

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